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1335-1345 BANK STREET

An urban renewal project designed to enhance this section of Bank St.  with a more pedestrian oriented approach.

Lofty Riverside


Lofty Developments GP Inc. has acquired the sites located at 1335-1345 Bank Street and developed a redevelopment concept to demolish the existing automobile service centre and drive thru restaurant and replace these underutilized buildings with a 26-storey residential apartment building with active spaces fronting on Bank Street.



26 Storey Tower

383 Units

142 Parking Spaces

Safe & Enjoyable

Upon reviewing various concepts, a single point tower design was selected.

Diverse unit mix including studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and
3-bedroom units.

Significantly reduced parking based on supportive amenities for residents to go car-free.

By removing car access from Bank Street, the streetscape is made safer and more enjoyable.

A New Vision
Proposed Bank St. Design


The proposed development requires several amendments to accommodate the proposed built-form.


The amendments and variances required for the development are due to some of the challenges related to the depth of the site. The proposed height is higher than currently permitted, however the design moved from two reduced height towers to achieve the same number of units in a more attractive design.


The design has been modified to enhance the pedestrian experience along Bank Street, with virtually 100% of the façade being active uses that include a café/bar, fitness facility, and lobby entrances.


Vehicles will access the property from Riverside Drive heading west into a one-way drive aisle that exits onto Riverside Drive heading east. A layby has been envisioned to remove vehicles from accessing the site along Bank Street, improving safety and enjoyment for pedestrians.


The garbage and move-in room will be located with access off Riverside Drive heading west and was designed to minimize the impact for traffic and pedestrians along Bank Street. As part of a sustainability measure, garbage and recycling will be located at grade and will be picked up regularly by the selected service providers.


We are seeking a redistribution of permitted density from two 16-storey towers with a podium to a small footprint 26-storey tower with an incorporated 6-storey podium.


The current maximum height for this site is set through the Bank Street Secondary Plan which is part of the Official Plan. The identified heights in Secondary Plans and in the Official Plan are then translated into the Zoning provisions. Therefore, in order to seek height greater than the current maximum, we require both an Official Plan Amendment and a Zoning Amendment. 


The process for these two applications runs concurrently. The City advises us exactly what plans and reports are required, which are then submitted along with the applications. The proposed project is then reviewed in its entirety by various planning departments, and goes before the Urban Design Review Panel where recommendations are made from a design perspective. Revisions and responses are provided back to the City during this review process. Following the review, City planning staff prepare a Report to Planning Committee which summarizes the project and identifies their recommendation to Planning Committee. If the recommendation is to approve the applications, and Planning Committee carries this recommendation, it then proceeds to City Council where it obtains final approval.  

The proposed development reduces shadowing and micro-climate impacts from the permitted form and scale. This creates a gateway component at a prominent location, as well as a landmark building. The design offers a more welcoming pedestrian realm at grade. Lastly, the proposed design of the site creates optimum building operational efficiency, and construction costs which can be translated into improved affordability of units.




Lofty Riverside GP Inc. is looking to engage with the community in a meaningful dialogue that will further enhance the design of the project and better the community.

We will have a series of surveys and forums to gather as much information as possible and
share progress on the development.


A previous site plan application was filed for 1335 Bank Street by the previous owner. Lofty Riverside GP Inc. reviewed these plans and targeted to remove the above grade parking by acquiring the property at 1345 Bank Street to enhance the efficiency.

This required a complete redesign of the concept and provided various options that were reviewed in detail.



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